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Turkey and Whitetail Hunters! Its time to contact Old School Guide Service in Unit 10 of Northeast Kansas for your 2023 hunt! Kansas is a non-resident draw hunt state for deer. Applications must be completed on line in April of each year.

Check out the new trail camera images from August and September of 2022.

SCR 8-28-22 (12)

Shepard Mirror Image Bucks

Shepherd five 9-2-22

Shep 8-24

Buckzill 9-1-22 E

If you are thinking about coming to Kansas to hunt, check out the 2023 Kansas hunting season calendar and required permits/licenses here.  For more information call Mike Nickels at 785-393-9308 or email

2023 Nonresident Deer Permit Applications will be available online in April 1-April 29Apply online here

Check out this trophy from the last day of the 2020 Firearm Season.