Mike decided to hunt the last couple of days of the 2020 firearm season to get out in the woods to see what boys had survived. Mike brought this big one home the last afternoon! Mr Handsome came out of the woods to keep his girlfriend from flirting with a young fella. The rest is history.

The top image features, one trail camera photo captured during a 29 minute buck parade, evidence that the deer herd in Jefferson County, Kansas is second to none for quantity and quality.  The mix of cropland, pastureland and dense stands of hardwood timber creates the perfect environment for a higher percent of mature bucks.  This, combined with our long-term commitment to balanced habitat management, make Old School Guide Service your best choice for the opportunity to take the buck of a lifetime!

Whitetail Hunters! Its time to contact Old School Guide Service in Unit 10 of Northeast Kansas for your 2023 hunt! Kansas is a non-resident draw hunt state for deer. Applications must be completed on line in April of each year.

Northeast Kansas has the terrain and food sources to top the rest of Kansas in age class of bucks with a higher percentage of mid-range and older deer. Call, Old School Guide Service, Mike Nickels Owner-Guide, 785-393-9308, nickelsfarms@gmail.com.

Click Here to access the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks website for hunting seasons, permits and changes coming in 2023.

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A Trophy for the Ages

This young hunter used a cross bow in 2018 to bring down this super trophy. His deer stand was set right where a trail cam had shown all manner of wildlife avoiding hunting pressure.

A14 yr old hunter from South Carolina took his first Kansas trophy when the young buck was chasing a doe at the Old School Guide Service, Big Buck stand. Zero broken points!

2020 Successful Firearm Hunt
Marv Fall 2019 Bow Hunt
Hump Day Find at Nickels Farms – Old School Guide Service – 2018 Firearm Hunt